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Jadis is  a visionary rebel and a FTM transgender captain of industry, who marches to his own beat. He has been a business leader and successful serial entrepreneur for a decade. He is currently the founder of two flourishing ventures and a partner in others. Jadis’ professional career began in the Cannabis industry back in 2013 with his role as the Chief Strategy Officer with a startup ancillary cannabis company, which enabled him to help create a multimillion-dollar brand with national and international distributions. Numerous and diverse challenges in the startup allowed Jadis to gain ample experience in all aspects of business, with invaluable insights into overall startup, operations, development, manufacturing, marketing, brand development, and distribution planning.


In 2017, he started a Cannabis Consulting company called JADIS. JADIS is composed of diverse industry leaders with over 10 years of vertical cannabis expertise. The group has successfully worked in key markets across the country, their experience ranges from organic license acquisition, sales, branding, marketing, compliance, all facets of operations, and community program development, to social equity and diversity initiatives. The group has assisted a multitude of clients in winning and developing cannabis licenses for all classes, demonstrating a deep understanding of regulated cannabis licensing intricacies by market and facility operations. In 2021, he assisted the CEO of THC Staffing Group in creating one of the first mentoring programs in the Cannabis Industry.


He is also the Founder & CEO of Motivo Scar Care, a Startup he founded in 2021 with Dr. Jonathan Keith, MD, FACS. Dr Jonathan Keith is one of the leading gender affirmation surgeons in the USA. Motivo Scar Care focuses on creating scar treatment products that offer a better fit to the consumer's lifestyle and have purposeful effects. As a premium brand, every aspect of the brand ethos is showcased within the products: Quality, purity and effectiveness. Consumers will find that, when compared to competing products, Motivo’s products will last longer, perform more effectively, and enable a better quality of life.


Building the brand from personal experience, and Dr. Keith being one of the leading gender affirming surgeons in the USA, not only do they want to bring a much-needed change to the scar treatment industry, but also to be a pillar of support and resources for the trans community.


Jadis’ want to give back to his community does not stop at Motivo Scar Care. ​His passion for development has enabled him to be involved in various community outreach initiatives in mentoring teens in the LGBTQIA community. Jadis is involved in the Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Transgender Patient Family Advisory Council, and is a Trans Companion for Modality.

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